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Dear Player,

You have a certain set of needs unlike any other. You're in the top .0001% of people who do what you do and you're a part of a multi-billion dollar industry. But it probably doesn't feel like it financially. Adopt a Minor Leaguer and our sponsor network are here to help you achieve your goals - and provide a little more comfort along the way. Our confidential process gets you the help you deserve.

Dear Sponsor,

You love baseball - and you know about the controversial treatment that minor leaguers receive. But here's the good part: You have the opportunity to help these young men achieve their dreams. By becoming a sponsor, you can impact a minor leaguer's life with a 1-to-1 relationship that he will remember forever. Have an impact on your favorite team - and your new favorite player - today.

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Then, we did it again...

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Stadium? Flooded. Cars full of players' belongings? Flooded. Our donation box when we said we wanted to help these guys? Also flooded.

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Funded by the minor league community once again, AaML is proud to announce that we're helping players where they enjoy it the most: their stomachs!