Somerset Patriots Hurricane Ida Relief Project

Stadium? Flooded. Cars full of players' belongings? Flooded. Our donation box when we said we wanted to help these guys? Also flooded.

Burritos for the Boys - AaML Delivers Chipotle

Funded by the minor league community once again, AaML is proud to announce that we're helping players where they enjoy it the most: their stomachs!

Holiday Grant Program!

We want to give back this holiday season by spreading joy not only to minor leaguers but their loved ones.

Announcing our First Round of Player Grants

We're delighted to announce that the community has made it possible for us to award several grants totaling $1500!

Introducing Business Sponsors

You know how individuals have contributed to this community. Now, we're giving businesses the opportunity to help.

Now Accepting Donations

We're proud to announce that we are accepting donations through our website. As we aspire to do more for the minor league baseball community, crowdfunding seems like a no-brainer.

Twitter is back, baby!


Hey, where did the Twitter page go?

We know. It was perhaps our most important communication tool for our community. And now we're locked out.

Introducing Adopt a Minor Leaguer

Welcome to our website - and our blog. We would like to introduce ourselves and let you know what is in the works for us currently.