First of all, happy December!

We hope the holidays find you well and that your 2020 wasn’t too much of a bear.

This holiday season, we want to give back by spreading joy not only to minor leaguers - but also their loved ones!

The Adopt a Minor Leaguer 2020 Holiday Grant Program

These grants are open to all minor leaguers who found that they wanted to get gifts for their loved ones but didn’t quite have the scratch put together for that one last really special gift.

As a minor league baseball player, it can be difficult to even find enough money in your pocket for yourself. During the holidays, it can be quite stressful to rummage through your bank accounts to find money for gifts for your loved ones.

How We Want to Help

If you are currently a minor leaguer, fill out this form to apply for this grant. You’ll tell us who you are, who you want to give a gift to, and what that gift is. We’re putting a $100 limit on the gift so that we can make sure we help as many people as possible this holiday season.

Please note that if you are a fan, sponsor, or a family member of a minor leaguer, this form isn’t for you. We want players to apply themselves here so we can affect the ones they love. However, do make sure to spread the word so that this form does end up in your favorite minor leaguer’s hands so that they can apply. 👍🏼

Players, please note that we are going to take care of family members first when we go to select for these grants. We love your friends and girlfriends, too, but family first. 😁

Here’s the link to the form again! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, happy everything!