There are so many baseball fans out there that have helped out to this point. Every time we see a new person signing up to be a sponsor, we get the same warm and fuzzy feeling that we did for the first few sponsors. It never ceases to amaze us how awesome this community can be.

Then, we came up with an idea: What if businesses could become a part of the action?

We have an amazing community that many businesses would love to be a part of.

The community that has developed right before our eyes is so passionate, so caring, and so giving that we thought we would be able to develop relationships with businesses that would be beneficial for everyone.

For many of the businesses that we started brainstorming about, we realized that we had an audience for them that would be captivated with their products or services. All we had to do was get them in touch with each other.

We figured that, for playing matchmaker for these businesses, they would be happy to give a donation to us as a kickback for promoting them.

The AaML “Business Sponsor” Program is Born

So, we decided to do exactly that: We have an audience that we promote businesses to. Then, businesses become an official sponsor of ours by making donations on our behalf. Pretty cool, huh. Businesses get a little bit of advertisement. Our community gets to know about businesses they should be interested in. And we pull in some dollars for our work.

Orville Andrew - Candles by St. Louis Cardinals farmhand Patrick Dayton

What if I told you that minor leaguers tend to be rather entrepreneurial?

It’s true. You know the guys that are on the field in a uniform - but many have hidden talents that you probably have no idea about. Take it from a member of our community that highlighted this in our Facebook group:

I continue to be amazed by the diverse talents of some players. It’s amazing where their interests go. It’s pretty cool to see their personalities beyond the gates of a stadium..

I was talking to one of the players I sponsor about cooking, art and some of his creative interests. Then seeing Kyle’s photography, it’s really impressive.

Backwood Pines - Photography by Twins farmhand, Kyle Schmidt

As a matter of fact, the CTO of Adopt a Minor Leaguer, Anthony Shew, is a member of the Cardinals organization. Entrepreneurship is very common among professional baseball players and we’re hoping to help many of these entrepreneur/athletes as a part of our journey. Not only can we give them some help in their baseball life but maybe we can even help them grow their businesses as well.

We would love to work with your business. Even if you aren’t a minor leaguer.

Have a business that you think would be a great fit for the AaML Business Sponsor program? Contact us here and let us know that you’re interested.