Well, we have had some really awesome success that we are so proud of in the short amount of time that we have existed. But we think we’ve experienced our first major setback. Our original Twitter account got deleted.

We’ll miss you, Original Adopt a Minor Leaguer Official Twitter Account.

As it turns out, if your account gets locked on Twitter, Twitter isn’t too quick to actually respond to your appeals to get your account back. We lost track of how many appeals we sent in, how many times we used our contacts to get in touch with Twitter reps more directly, or how many times we pulled our hair out trying to get it back.

But what’s even worse is…

If Twitter decides to lock you out on some strange technicality (or really any other reason), they will delete your inactive account after 30 days. Gone. Can’t get it back. Forever.

How to Lose 5000 Followers in 30 Days

So, there you have it. The giant following we had built up in such a short amount of time disappeared into thin air. Hopefully we will be able to track down everyone that was following us and is a part of our player/sponsor community. But, odds are, we will probably miss a lot. And we hate the idea of now being able to talk to the very people that believed in us right from the start of our project.

Wow, that stinks. But now what?

We’re still using the same Twitter handle.

If you want to find us, it’s pretty much like nothing ever happened on your end. The @adoptmilbplayer should act just like it did before and you’re all good.

Michael was smart enough to start up a following on a backup account just in case the original account got nuked. Man, was he right to do that. So, starting today, we have 1500 followers. A lot less than we did have but a lot more than zero. So, if you unfollowed us or we haven’t kept track of you through this process, get active in our community and we’ll see you. And, if you’re hearing about us for the first time today, drop us that follow!

We’re getting serious on Instagram, too!

We hadn’t been spending much time on Instagram but we’re putting in good work there, too. If you haven’t found us on Instagram yet, you should! Click here to check it out.

You could say we’re bouncing back stronger than ever before.

Big things are to come for us. Who needs their original Twitter account, anyway, am I right?!